The goods at Space Lab in Long Walk Lodge on 126 East Pender, Vancouver, are all memorable. The stuff we’ve got is unlike anything you’ve seen in other Vancouver home decorating store, any vintage or antique store or stuffy showroom.

Our goods are memorable because each one was all hand picked by Clint Moroz, Vancouver antique wizard. (link to About Clint).

Many goods in our Chinatown home design store are reclaimed right from east Vancouver or even from Chinatown. Some are reclaimed out of Calgary through Reclaimed Canada (link to, while others come from restaurants or people who’ve sold their antiques to our shop direct.

Contact Clint about any products you see that you want to know more about buying for yourself, a friend or a movie set. We’ve all too often heard you have to really see the store to get help finding the exact product for you, but online images are pretty nifty, too.